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1929 Bean Automobile Repair Equipment Brochure Lincoln Compressor L
SKU: WS0053
Original color catalog, 17 x 11, 8 pages, soiled covers. Shows a 1929 Lincoln Bean Rotary Lift, Bean Brake Tester, Drum Lathe, Car Washer, Brake Reliner Machine, Air Compressor, Rotary Blower, Vacuum Cleaner, Wheel Aligner, etc. Produced by the John Beam Company, Lansing, Michigan, and San Jose, California.
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1921 Bean & Swift Factory Letter & Order Form England
SKU: WD1526
original typewritten factory letter, 8 x 10, 2 pages, also new car order form, 9 x 15, unillustrated, describes Bean & Swift cars. Produced by the British Motor Trading Corp, London, England.
$ 19.99
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1924 Bean Fourteen Touring Ad England
SKU: WI6985
original magazine ad, 4 x 10.5, shows ads in an English publication.
$ 3.79
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