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1956 Corvette at Pebble Beach Race Track Ad
SKU: WP5810
Original magazine ad, 8.5 x 11, some wrinkling at corner.
$ 11.99
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1963 Chevrolet Soap Box Derby Manual Organize Your Race
SKU: WO9529
original non color catalog, 8.5 x 11, 22 pages, includes description of race officials, chief starter, course clerk, race details, weighing, derby time table, etc. There are several different photos of boys and their race cars. Also ads for soap box derby events, etc. This is section b of a larger soap box inspection book but is a complete book by itself. This book was printed in limited quantities and sent to Chevrolet dealers and other organizers of soap box derbies.
$ 39.99
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1983 Chevrolet GTP IMSA GTP 83G1 Red Lobster Race Car Vintage Sticker
SKU: WZ7233
Original sticker, 9 x 3 . This original sticker is old and not a reproduction. The condition of the adhesive on the back of the sticker, if there is any, it may have lost its stickiness, this is unknown. The date shown in the title is our best educated guess.
$ 11.24
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