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1956 Framo de Binckhorst Netherlands ORIGINAL EMPTY Factory Envelope
SKU: WV9952
Original EMPTY Factory Mailing Envelope, 13 x 9. Printed by an automobile company in the year listed in the title. This EMPTY mailing envelope may or may not be damaged in some way such as being wrinkled, have some pieces missing at the edges, possibly a flap missing, torn in several places, have some tape, some stamps may be missing, pen or pencil notations, general wear, etc. Please see the two scans shown of the front and back for the exact condition. It has been postally used. This envelope was part of the J.L. Elbert automobile sales literature collection, one of the largest collections ever assembled by one individual. It was originally mailed from an automobile company to Mr. Elbert with new car sales literature. The envelope is now empty, there are no contents. This envelope can be considered a collector's item by itself and if you have a collection of sales literature, this is an ideal item to combine with a similar brochure for display.
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