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1937 1938 Gar Wood Garwood Power Boat Factory Press Kit
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Exact reproduction of Gar Wood Factory Press Kit, includes : 10 (ten) 8 x 10 factory photos (newly printed on high quality photographic paper). These photos show Gar Woods at speed, various factory scenes showing Gar Woods being built, factory machinery, etc. Also 12 photocopied typewritten sheets, 8.5 x 11, which includes a manuscript written in 1938 by George Farley who was employed by Educational Caravans. They were apparently writing detailed descriptions of various American Industry for publication. There are 2 different copies of this article, and each is somewhat different ; they include the complete history of Gar Wood, a description of the factory, etc. There are also 9 photocopies of handwritten sheets, 8.5 x 11, describing the Gar Wood Boat Plant in detail and this is the handwritten version of the typewritten press copies previously described. Also 3 photocopied letters on Gar Wood Industries, Marysville, Michigan, letterhead written to Ralph Theobald at Educational Caravan, commenting on George Farley's visit and the reciept of 1000 Gar Wood books, which were sent to Educational Caravan in 1937. There are also photocopies of 3 different Gar Wood factory mailing envelopes which included these items, all have 1937 and 1938 postmarks ; 2 are 9.5 x 4, and 1 is 8.5 x 11. All were sent from Gar Wood to Educational Caravan. This is a unique collection of items and this material and some of the photos may never have been published in any source, but this is unknown.
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