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1905 Locomobile 90HP Joe Tracy Vanderbilt Cup Race Car Brochure
SKU: WT9851
Original non color folder, 6 x 9 folded, 12 x 9 unfolded, has a vertical fold near the left edge, file hole at corner, shows one photo of Joe Tracy finishing third in Locomobile car #7 in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race, otherwise unillustrated. Includes 19 different press excerpts from various New York, Boston, etc. newspapers and several automobile magazines. These all describe Joe Tracy winning the race.
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1908 Locomobile Fairmount Park Race Car & Firestone Tires Brochure
SKU: WT9860
Original non color folder, 3.5 x 6 folded, 10 x 6 unfolded, there is one file stamp, shows one photo of the Locomobile Race Car, car #10 winning the Founder's Week Cup at Fairmount Park Philidelphia on October 10, 1908 on Firestone Tires and rims. The rest of the brochure shows a circa 1909 touring car with directions on how to install a Firestone demountable rim and tire when a flat occurs.
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