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1948 Aerocoach Bus Ad Monsanto Gingerbread House
SKU: WL8901
original magazine ad, 9.5 x 12, printed both sides, torn and wrinkled at edge. The reverse is an ad for Monsanto Chemicals, which shows a gingerbread house which used ethavan for flavor.
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1948 Aerocoach Victory Bus Montreal Article Los Angeles
SKU: WI2997
original magazine article, 8 x 11, 4 pages, this consists of three different bus articles on the Victory Bus Company, Montreal, which used Aerocoach and other buses, a one-page article that was continued from another page, which is not present, on the Jamestown, NY Motor Bus Transportation Company, and a Los Angeles Transit Lines movie that was being produced (a 1940 Ford Woodie Station Wagon can be seen next to a trolley in Los Angeles).
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