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1952 ACV AEC Bus Brochure Maudslay Fire Truck HWM Race
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original non color catalog, 8.5 x 11, 30 pages, cover is worn near the binding, pages are mostly excellent. This is the March 1952 issue of the "ACV Gazette", ACV owned AEC Southall, Maudslay, Crossley and Aclo Southall. This monthly publication shows dozens of different vehicles including Port of London Harbor Service showing AEC diesel engined tug and launch boat models. Also AEC tanker and dump truck models, AEC Regal Mark IV bus, "Britain's Brilliant Young Racing Driver Stirling Moss Driving the HWM" showing AEC Van truck used to haul the HWM team race cars, AEC Regal Mark III bus models in Baghdad, Iraq, 1952 AEC ladder fire truck, AEC double decker bus, AEC Park Royal Bus, Shell & BP Boac Stratocruiser at Prestwick Airport for airplane refueling etc.
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