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1947 Marmon Herrington Truck CEO Signed Factory Letter Delmar Roos Willys
SKU: WY9858
Lot of 4 original factory letters, each is 7 x 10.5, also 2 carbon copies, 8.5 x 11 . The 4 letters are signed by, " A.W. Herrington ", Arthur W. Herrington was CEO of Marmon Herrington. All were sent to Delmar Roos, Willys Overland chief engineer, vice president and designer of the Jeep. The letters mention an important trial and Delmar Roos visiting and testifying at the trial. One of the letters mentions a piece of literature that Herrington sent to Roos ( not included ). All letters are stamped, " Received DG Roos ". The 2 carbon copies ( one has a small piece missing at the corner ) are copies of letters that Delmar Roos sent to Herrington and mention the trial , listing is for all 6 items .
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1974 Marmon Herrington 4x4 Truck Factory Letter
SKU: WK0453
original factory letter, 8.5 x 11, unillustrated ; also mailing envelope, 9 x 4. Produced by Marmon Transmotive, Knoxville, TN.
$ 7.99
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1941 Marmon Herrington Truck Armor Plate Ad WWII
SKU: WA4920
original magazine advertisement, 11 x 14.
$ 3.99
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1974 Marmon CHDTBC Truck Specification Sheet
SKU: WB8545
original typewritten sheet, 8.5 x 11, printed both sides, folded for mailing.
$ 2.39
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