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1913 Marquette Rainier Elmore Welch Mot Puritan Automobile Factory Letter
SKU: WZ7105
Original factory letter, 8.5 x 11, folded for mailing, tears at edge, several small holes near edge , there was a sticker near the corner removed , this was written on the letterhead of the "Puritan Company, Successors to the Marquette Company as well as Rainier, Elmore , Welch, and De Mot, Detroit " . This letter concerns a 1910 Elmore Model 46 and parts for this car.
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1923 Marquette Auto Luggage Carrier Ad Brunner Air Compressor Franklin
SKU: WR9678
Original magazine ad, 8.5 x 11.5, printed both sides, small piece of tape on reverse at tear at edge. Produced by the Marquette Company, St. Paul. The other side shows an ad for the Brunner air compressor and includes a testimonial letter from the Franklin Auto Dealer in Bloomington, Illinois.
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