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1969 Porsche Strasse Race Brochure Herrmann Siffert Redman Atwood 911
SKU: WT7323
Original non color folder, 8.5 x 11 folded, 17 x 11 unfolded, some wrinkling and soiling, this is the May June 1969 issue of " Porsche Strasse ". The front cover shows photos of 10 different Porsche race drivers including Hans Herrmann, Dick Atwood, Udo Schutz, Rolf Stommelen, Brian Redman, Gerhardt Mitter, Vic Elford, Kurt Ahrens, Jo Siffert and Rico Steinemann. Most of the news reports describe Porsche racing activities around the world. There is one small photo of Jo Siffert and Jo Siffert's Porsche dealership in Frieourg Switzerland showing several 911s, also a small photo of a Porsche 911 at the Ski Treffen. Printed by Porsche, USA.
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Apr 1977 Porsche Parade Brochure 928 Intro 934 Laguna Seca Ongais Racecar
SKU: WT0391
Original non color folder, 11 x 8.5 folded, 22 x 17 unfolded. This is the April May 1977 issue of " Porsche Audi Parade ". Includes 928 intro, photos of Porsche Dealers, a photo of a Porsche 934 at Laguna Seca. This was printed by Porsche Audi, USA.
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