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1954 Rolls Royce Airplane Engine Brochure
SKU: WR6607
Original part color catalog, 8 x 11.5, 16 pages. Shows several different Rolls Royce Piston Engine Airplane Engines including the Eagle Series 8, Merlin II, Turbine engines including Welland, and Avon RA14. Also shows many other engines including Falcon, Condor, Vulture, Griffon, Eagle, Kestrel, Buzzard, and Goshawk.
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1957 Rolls Royce Jet Airplane Train Engine Brochure
SKU: WQ7690
Original part color folder, 7 x 9 folded, 21 x 17 unfolded, opens to a poster. Text in English and French. Shows Silver Cloud I, and Bentley Continental. Also shows several different Rolls Royce Jet Engines, Diesel Truck and Rail Car Engines. Petrol Engines used by Sentinel and Dennis, etc.
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