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1919 Selden Truck Ad Barney Oldfield Tires Wills Point
SKU: WJ8630
original magazine advertisement, 8.5 x 11.5, has a horizontal fold, printed both sides. Shows map using Selden trucks to ship between Fort Worth and Wills Point including Tyler, Texas. The other side shows Barney Oldfield.
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1919 Selden Truck Ad Gillette Razor Rand Remington Rand
SKU: WL4714
original ad, 8.5 x 11.5. Shows Selden truck used by the Gillette Safety Razor Company, Boston. The other side is an ad for the Rand Company, North Tonawanda, NY, which later produced the Remington Rand UNIVAC computer.
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1928 Selden Special Sedan Deluxe Delivery Truck Photo
SKU: WL4711
original factory photograph, 8 x 10, wrinkled, bend at bottom with some wear, one piece of tape on reverse at tear, factory stamp on reverse, shows truck produced for $1 White Dry Cleaners, New York, NY. This photo is absolutely original and was produced by Seldon in 1928.
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