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1966 Valvoline Race Car Brochure Elva Courier BMW Nickey Chevrolet Opert
SKU: WW5139
Original factory magazine, 6 x 9, 28 pages, light staining on covers, pages mostly excellent, this is the March 1966 issue of " Valvoline World", includes an article on SCCA racing and Fred Opert, several Elva Courier race cars are shown. Also shows Charlie Hayes in Nickey Chevrolet Chicago Elva BMW, there is an additional valvoline on back cover showing Hayes again, also other articles on drag racing.
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1967 ? Valvoline New Car Warranty Brochure
SKU: WQ1883
Original part color folder, 6 x 3 folded, 6 x 9 unfolded. Describes the new car lifetime guaranty which was sold by Valvoline.
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1925 Valvoline Stockton French Camp Gas Pump Photo
SKU: WI9371
original photograph, 6 x 3.5, printed in the 1940's. This original photograph was obtained from the collection and estate of Floyd Clymer, the famous automobile book and magazine publisher who died in the 1970s. This photograph is probably one-of-a-kind and may have been published by Clymer in one of his many publications.
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