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Waverley Electric


1901 Pope-Waverly Electric Car ORIGINAL Factory Photo
SKU: OUA8888
ORIGINAL factory photograph, printed in the 1950's. 4 x 5 inches.
$ 15.19
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1901 Waverly Electric ORIGINAL Factory Photo
SKU: OUC0027
ORIGINAL factory photograph. 8 x 10 inches.
$ 18.99
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1912 ? Waverley Electric Car Owner's Manual
SKU: WQ5865
Original owner's manual, 5 x 8.5, 20 pages, two file holes at edge, pen notation with date written on cover, pages are soiled with small tears at the center page only, other pages are in excellent to near mint original condition. Includes maintenance, operation information, illustrations and specifications. This manual is undated, however the original owner has written 1912 on the cover so it is assumed that this is probably the date that this book was printed. This book will probably cover several years of Waverly Electrics.
$ 206.24
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1913 Waverley Electric Car Prestige Brochure Calendar
SKU: WQ6096
Original prestige part color catalog, 5.5 x 11, 32 pages, has a rub mark on the cover, 5 x 3 inches, date written on cover, rub mark on the rear cover, 3 x 3, and two rub marks on pages, 2.5 x 2, beautiful embossed cover with art nouveau design with five women riding in a Waverley. Beautiful artwork throughout with classical illustration art. There is a 1913 monthly calendar on the first twelve pages of the catalog. There are nine Waverley models shown including Limousine, Brougham, Coupe, Phaeton, Roadster, etc.
$ 139.99
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1915 Waverley Four Chair Brougham Electric Car Brochure
SKU: WQ6074
Original non color folder, 4 x 6 folded, 11.5 x 6 unfolded, has a file hole at the edge, also has a piece missing at the corner, about 1 x 3/4 inch, soiled, three file stamps on cover, some rubbing at the top of one of the stamps, rub mark on inside, 2 x 1.5. Shows model 109.
$ 47.99
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1913 Waverley Electric Gray & Davis Magazine Ad
SKU: WI5442
original magazine advertisement, 8.5 x 11, printed both sides.
$ 6.07
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1912 Waverley Electric Car Ad
SKU: WR9810
Original magazine ad, 6 x 9.
$ 6.39
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