Privacy & Disclosure

Privacy Policy

AutoLit does not sell, rent, share or disclose customer or visitor information in any manner to any third parties.

AutoLit, including the online store at, does not store customer payment info on our web server. All sales are processed via PayPal and customers interact only with PayPal’s processing servers directly. If a customer decides to save an account on our store, payment data is not saved. Only information that is useful in helping the customer return to place additional orders and look up previous orders is saved and such accounts are completely optional and are NOT required to purchase from our store.

Cookies are used to save visitor session data to facilitate placing items in their shopping cart and being able to see what items they had been looking at. They are not used to track visitors off-site in any manner. Cookies are also used on some pages to help display more relevant items in our store that the user might be more interested in such as showing a slideshow of various Porsche items if the user has come to the store via a search on Porsche. Such cookies will expire on their own after a few months and do not store any user information aside from a particular Make of automobile.

We welcome visitor and customer inquiries regarding our privacy policy and seek to provide a safe and effective experience on our website for all of our valued customers.

Disclosure Information

The AutoLit website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

We do not alter or interfere with ad listings in any manner. Our site visitors can follow any and all advertising links with complete confidence!


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