Auto Literature Glossary

auto-repair-roadsideBelow you will find a chart of definitions of the terms we use to categorize and describe the automobile literature in our inventories. You may find it useful to refer to this chart while browsing our store’s inventory.

SHEET:   a sheet as specified on this list is a single sheet that can be printed on one side or both sides and is usually about 8 1/2 x 11 in size although size can vary.
FOLDER:   unfolds like a road map. It can unfold once or several times and the size can vary up to a large poster size.
CATALOG:   has pages and staples in it and opens like a book. The number of pages will vary. If the overall size is unusually large or small, it will be specified as large or small. If this is not specified, it can be assumed to be of average size. The word “Prestige” is used to describe a more lavish catalog, the largest one issued for the year. A folder or a catalog will show at least some, if not all, of the following:   beautiful illustrations of all models if full line, or close up views, features, options, accessories, engines, colors and complete specifications.
ACCESSORY CATALOG:   will thoroughly describe and illustrate all accessories for the model or year.
PAINT CHIPS FOLDER:   will accurately depict the colors available for the model year.
FACTORY PHOTO:   all measure 8″ x 10″. Many of the photographs have the press release sheets attached. These are noted by (S). The press release sheets include a description of the individual model and its features. Please note that many photographs are listed for limited production automobiles that do not appear in factory sales literature. Again – (S) = photo with press release sheets attached. Any items not noted by (S) are a photograph only.
SHOWROOM ALBUM:   used by dealer in his showroom – not available to the general public. These are large in format, with heavy padded covers. A Showroom Album will contain pictures of all models, along with much information on features, accessories, options, specifications, etc. It goes into much greater detail than the catalog distributed to the public. If “colors and upholstery” is noted, this will contain color chips and upholstery swatches, but no cars will be shown. Other types will be listed and should be self explanatory.
SALESMAN’S DATA BOOK:   for use by salesmen in dealership, usually hardbound, containing many pages of photos, complete mechanical specifications, all options, features, accessories, body details, etc.
SHOWROOM POSTER:   for use by dealer only in showroom – not available to general public. Further explanation will be found on list.
OWNER’S MANUAL:   this is the booklet that comes with all new cars and is kept in the glovebox. It contains much useful information, such as maintenance and complete operation of the car.
SHOP MANUAL:   includes complete repair information, fully illustrated. Sections covered include engine, transmission, electrical, lubrication, etc.
PARTS BOOK:   can cover body or chassis or both. All body and chassis parts are fully illustrated, described, and includes factory part numbers. Some parts books will cover multiple years. If two year dates are shown, this manual will cover both years shown and all years between. Some are intended for body only, some for chassis (all engine, mechanical parts, etc.) only, and this will cover both body and chassis. Parts books are very useful as they include complete interchangeable parts information for several years as noted. Please note:   most sales literature can be obtained in mint or near mint condition. this is not true of shop manuals or parts books. Most of these have been used by mechanics and will show usual signs of wear. Any obvious defects will be noted.
SERVICE BULLETINS:   these are released by the factory at irregular intervals whenever an unanticipated service problem surfaces that was not covered by the original shop manual. These are complete sets for the year and contain excellent mechanical repair information, none of which is included in regular shop manuals.

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